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Our Mission

Temple B’nai Israel is a thriving congregation that actively engages all its members in Reform Jewish cultural, spiritual, and educational growth, individually and as a diverse and welcoming community.

Our Vision

Temple B’nai Israel will be a home for the practice of Reform Judaism in Kalamazoo; foster the connection with the Divine for members of the community; introduce our children to Judaism and provide a forum for lifelong study of Torah; promote a sense of acceptance, equality, sharing and community; be a nurturing community that helps meet the needs of its members in times of trouble and in times of celebration; provide a forum for sharing and discussing the Jewish experience; cherish a sense of history, roots, continuity and permanence;  reach out to unaffiliated Jews in the community; make a positive contribution to the larger community, both Jewish and secular.

Get To Know Us

Our Story

Temple B'nai Israel was founded in 1866. A small but mighty community,  TBI welcomes

all those interested in exploring Judaism through a lens informed by the values of Reform Judaism.

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