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Our Mission

Temple B’nai Israel is a thriving congregation that actively engages all its members in Reform Jewish cultural, spiritual, and educational growth, individually and as a diverse and welcoming community.

Our Vision

Temple B’nai Israel will be a home for the practice of Reform Judaism in Kalamazoo; foster the connection with the Divine for members of the community; introduce our children to Judaism and provide a forum for lifelong study of Torah; promote a sense of acceptance, equality, sharing and community; be a nurturing community that helps meet the needs of its members in times of trouble and in times of celebration; provide a forum for sharing and discussing the Jewish experience; cherish a sense of history, roots, continuity and permanence;  reach out to unaffiliated Jews in the community; make a positive contribution to the larger community, both Jewish and secular.

Our Values

As a community we are guided by our Reform Jewish Values which guide us to actively work towards a more just and compassionate world.

​Kehillah Kedosha - A Holy Community

We believe that diversity is our strength. We welcome those born Jewish and those who have chosen Judaism; families with more than one faith, ethnic and/or racial identity; searchers, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and those circumcised or not. We welcome all who are interested in growing with us in building community. 

Talmud Torah - Lifelong Study

Lifelong study, both formal and informal, is at the center of our community. Torah both teaches and challenges, giving us guidance to live lives of purpose rooted in the values of Reform Judasim.

Kayamut - Sustainability

As a community we believe we are responsible for caring for our planet. We actively work towards becoming a more sustainable institution, and we work towards helping our members do the same in all areas of their lives. 

Gemilut Hasadim - Acts of Loving Kindness

Through acts of service we support our community by joining together to celebrate the good times and support through the difficult times.

Tikkun olam - Repairing and Healing our world

Through education and action we strive to make our community a better place to learn, live and grow.

Through education and action we strive to make our community a better place to learn, live and grow.

Along with our foundational values listed above, our congregation is deeply devoted to the missions of the following organizations with whom we actively partner.

HIAS: Resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers

ISAAC: local advocacy work

Keshet: for LGBTQ Equality in Jewish Life

National Council of Jewish Women: Reproductive Rights

And as a member of the Union of Reform Judaism we support the Religious Action Center and all of their work. You can learn more at

All are invited to join us in these efforts. Contact Us to learn more.

Our Ethics Code

Late in 2023, the TBI Board of Directors formed an Ethics Committee to develop and formalize a congregational ethics code. Foundational to the ethics code is the belief that when we behave ethically and hold ourselves accountable, our temple is a safer, more welcoming, and sacred environment. The Ethics Committee met many times over several months and drafted both an ethics code and a process for any who have ethics concerns related to Temple B’nai Israel. The ethics code and process were approved by the Board on February 28, 2024. 
Here are pdfs of the ethics code and process for you to view or download. If you have any questions about the ethics code or process please contact
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